Science in daily life: EP1- Candy Machine

Science in daily life: EP1- Candy Machine

Hello everyone, I'm Teacher Raccoon. Candy always make children happy! There is an interesting way that children can get candy and fun at the same time!

You might put a candy machine at your home. As long as your child turns the knob, a chocolate ball will fall out. Isn't it yummy and funny!


◆Assembly Steps

First, we need to use the parts in the picture below to make the outer frame (Figure 1), connect the C-BASE GRID with the C-BASE GRID CONNECTOR, and then combine it with the C-5x13 DUAL FRAME through the C-LONG PEG (Figure 2).

(Figure 1)
(Figure 2)

Second, we use B-TRIANGLE and B-CUBE and C-5 HOLE ROD FRONT CLOSED (Figure 3). We want to make a slope for the candy to roll down smoothly (Figure 4).

(Figure 3)
(Figure 4)

After that, fix them on the C-BASE GRID of the first step (Figure 5).

(Figure 5)

Third, we here use various kinds of wheels, rods and pegs (Figure 6). We use C-BENDED ARCH ROD and C-3 HOLE ROUND ROD to make four different components (Figure 7). And combine them to make a runner with grooves (Figure 8).

(Figure 6)
(Figure 7) Four different components
(Figure 8) a runner with groove

In the fourth step, we need to use C-100mm AXLE Ⅱ, rubber bands, C-AXLE CONNECTOR and other parts (Figure 9). Take the gears and axles and pass through the C-BASE GRID, and use the C-AXLE CONNECTOR to fix them (Figure 10). And then put the runner into the C-100mm AXLE Ⅱ(Figure 11). The wheel must rotate clockwise; we can use a rubber band and a C-5 HOLE DUAL ROD to make a simple ratchet in order to prevent the wheel from turning in the wrong direction (Figure 12).

(Figure 9)
(Figure 10)
(Figure 11)
(Figure 12) Ratchet

Then we can put some candy into it and test if the function of the runner is working. The designated type of candy used in this candy machine is the chocolate soccer that Mr. Raccoon used to eat when he was a kid (Figure 13). If you want to replace with other types of candy, you need to adjust the groove size of the runner according to the size of your candy.

(Figure 13) Candy for candy machine

We can put the candy into the candy machine and test whether the candy can be brought down when the groove of the wheel is turned up:

Function Test

In the fifth step, we need to use the C-BASE GRID and the C-LONG PEG to seal the candy machine (Figure 14). Put the long peg into the C-BASE GRID (Figure 15), and then cover and press the candy machine tightly (Figure 16).

(Figure 14)
(Figure 15)
(Figure 16)

In the sixth step, we use a lot of frames and rods to make the tripod of the candy machine (Figure 17 and 18), and install it directly under the candy machine after completion (Figure 19).

(Figure 17)
(Figure 18)

In the seventh step, we use various rods and frames to make the upper cover (Figure 20). Assemble the parts into three components (Figure 21), and then install on the top of the candy machine (Figure 22).

(Figure 19)

In the seventh step, we use various rods and frames to make the upper cover (Figure 20). Assemble the parts into three components (Figure 21), and then install on the top of the candy machine (Figure 22).

(Figure 20)
(Figure 21).Three components for upper cover
(Figure 22)

In the eighth step, we make a container for candies. You can freely choose the style of container, or you can directly use a ready-made container. Here Mr. Raccoon uses a C-TRAPEZIUM FRAME and a C-TRAPEZOID COVER to make it (Figure 23, 24). After completion, fix it under the candy machine with a C-LONG PEG (Figure 25).

(Figure 23)
(Figure 24)
(Figure 25)

Finally, we can print out some decorated cards, and install them on the candy machine through C-SHORT BUTTON FIXER to complete the gorgeous decoration . In this way, a unique  candy machine is completed ! o(≧∀≦)o

In addition, you might put a candy machine(Figure 26) outside your house during Halloween, so that you can stay at home and sit on sofa ever since (●ˇ∀ˇ●).

(Figure 26)

◆Scientific principles

The candy machine uses some scientific principles. Besides the ratchet mechanism (Figure 28) that prevents the wheel from reversing, this candy machine also uses the gravity of the earth to allow the chocolate soccer ball to fall into the groove of the wheel, and through the hub parts on the axle, it is labor-saving because of the wheel-axle mechanism (Figure 29), so that we can make the wheel rotate more easily.

(Figure 28) Source: Wiki. Drawing of a ratchet: 1) gear, 2) pawl, 3) base.
(Figure 29) Source: Wiki. Wheel and axle.


Through the candy machine, we can find that scientific principles are everywhere in our daily life. We only need to pay attention and observe them to discover the mysteries and magic of scientific principles, and apply them in other places. That’s all for today, Mr. Raccoon is here to wish everyone a happy Halloween, see you next time, bye.

Make observations and/or measurements of an object’s motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion.

Define a simple design problem reflecting a need or a want that includes specified criteria for success and constraints on materials, time, or cost.

Generate and compare multiple possible solutions to a problem based on how well each is likely to meet the criteria and constraints of the problem.

Plan and carry out fair tests in which variables are controlled and failure points are considered to identify aspects of a model or prototype that can be improved.


Halloween, candy machine, friction, gravity, ratchet, wheel and axle

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