Paper Airplane Launcher

Paper Airplane Launcher

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♦ Scientific Principle: Using rubber bands as power to store elastic potential energy. After releasing the elastic energy, it impacts the rear of the airplane to launch it.

♦ Materials Needed:

Step One, assemble one side of the launcher body and the board machine.

Assemble the other side in the same way, making sure the position of the square frame faces outward.

Step Two, combine the gun body, and reinforce under the square frame with another square frame; connect and reinforce the blue rectangle with a five-hole strip.

Connect the launcher body and the board machine with an axle.

Step Three, install the three-hole rod and five-hole rod, and attach the rubber bands.

Step Four, attach the rubber bands to the red rotating pegs, and the paper airplane launcher is complete!

Give it a quick test.

♦ Paper Airplane Contest

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