Interesting Crank-Rocker Mechanism - Part 2

Interesting Crank-Rocker Mechanism - Part 2

Sharing a simple crank-rocker mechanism (#1261+40X Motor+Battery Box=Handy)

For unicyclists!

Creating something from nothing is the most rewarding process~~~

Assembly Steps

▼ The most crucial lower body materials

▼ Assembly of the power unit

▼ Adding legs makes it look more vivid!!!

(Remember that the connection points of the two legs should be 180 degrees so that they can rotate)

▼ To make it look more authentic, an upper body is needed

▼ Simple assembly

▼ It's complete!!!

Scientific Principle

  1. Linkage: Connects the crank and rocker to drive each other's motion; it is referred to as a linkage.
  2. Crank: A linkage that can rotate 360° around a fixed axis; it is called a crank.
  3. Rocker: A linkage that performs a swinging motion of a certain angle around a fixed axis; it is known as a rocker."

Operational video:

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